25 May: Fr John Behr on the Prologue to the Gospel of John

GrLectionaryPrologueGospelJohnOn Friday, May 25th, Fr John Behr, who holds the Metropolitan Kallistos Ware chair in Orthodox Theology, presented a subject from the book on the Gospel of John he just finished writing.

He gave his lecture, entitled ‘Re-reading the Prologue to the Gospel of John’, at 15:00 in the Vrije Universiteit, Main Building, room 05A37.

According to the ancient sources, the annual celebration of Pascha began in the circles looking back to John, whom they regarded as being the High Priest of the Paschal Mystery. In the Orthodox Tradition, the Prologue to the Gospel of John is read on Pascha night, and the continuous reading of John begins thereafter. What does the Prologue look like when read as a Paschal Hymn, and how does this resolve many quandaries of Johannine Scholarship?


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