News of the Amsterdam Centre for Orthodox Theology

Changes in Pre-Master setup

In the future, the Pre-Master programme will undergo a few changes, among which will be the reduction of the number of intensives from seven to three. Less frequently held but longer intensives will enable us to admit to the programme a growing number of applicants from abroad. We also plan to follow up on our students’ request for a two-year Pre-Master (30 EC). This ‘mini-Bachelor’, together with skills our students have already acquired elsewhere, will form a solid foundation for a Master course.

New Master programmes and Post-Master

In consultation with our Master-students, we are mapping out what the required skills of an Orthodox chaplain (Geestelijk Verzorger, Spiritual Caregiver) are and how and where he or she would receive the best education to acquire these skills. We found that more and more students are interested in continuing their studies in the field of academic research. For that reason we are developing an Orthodox Research Master, together with our Orthodox sister organizations in Europe. We are also investigating how to prepare our students for jobs in (secondary) education. And finally, we would like to shape the Post-Master programme as a community of learners, gathering regularly in a winter- or summerschool setting in one of the Orthodox monasteries in the Netherlands.

Father Andrew to receive the Order of Sankt Ignatios

Our staff member Father Andrew Louth, professor emeritus at Durham University and professor emeritus and honorary fellow at VU, was awarded the Order of Sankt Ignatios. On 14 December 2019, Father Andrew will receive the Order in Sweden. His colleagues from ACOT will be present at the event and participate in the Conference on contemplative traditions, held in honour of Father Andrew.