Lecture of Fr John Behr on 2 December in Amsterdam

FrJohnBehr2dec2017On Saturday 2 December at 13:30, Fr John Behr, professor in Orthodox Theology, gave a lecture entitled ‘The Birth of Truth from the Virgin Scriptures’ at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The Birth of Christ from the Virgin Scriptures
According to Clement of Alexandria (Stromata 7.16):
‘It appears that even today many hold that Mary, after the birth of her Son, was found to be in the state of a woman who has given birth, while in fact she was not so. For some say that, after giving birth, she was examined by a midwife, who found her to be a virgin. Now such to us are the Scriptures of the Lord, which gave birth to the truth and remain virgin, in the hiddenness of the mysteries of truth. “She gave birth and did not give birth,” Scripture says [Pseudo-Ezekiel], since she conceives by herself, not by conjunction.’
What is the connection between the Virgin and the Scriptures, such that both give birth to Christ, in the world and in us? What does this mean for how we read Scripture and how we are to think of ourselves as the body of Christ? This talk addressed  these and other questions, so deepening our understanding of the mystery of the Incarnation.
Here is a recording of a lecture similar in content: Fr John on the Virgin Mother.

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