Lecture Norman Russell on 7 February

On Thursday 7 February, following the PhD Defense and reception of Father Alexander Chouliaras, Norman Russell delivered a lecture on the subject ‘Saint Gregory Palamas: a theologian for our times’. The structure of the lecture was as follows:

1. The situating of Palamas in the political and theological context of the 14th century.
2. His essence/energies distinction and the reason why it was so contentious.
3. How his ideas were transmitted to the West.
4. The construction of ‘Palamism’ in the 20th century, chiefly by Martin Jugie, A.A.
5. The Orthodox response, led by Russian scholars of the Paris Institute of Saint Sergius.
6. The more nuanced Palamite theology that has been emerging in the 21st century.
7. How Palamas is contributing to current theological debates.

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