PhD Defence Joan Lena and guest lecture on 14 March

Graduation 006On Tuesday 14 March 2017, Father Joan Lena successfully defended his PhD thesis at the Protestant Theological University (PThU) and he can now call himself a Doctor of Theology. Dr. Lena defended excellently and with humor his PhD thesis with title  The Panegyrikon Codex Type and its Liturgical Function: A New Model Catalogue, in the central hall (Aula) of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. You can find a short presentation of the topic at the following link:

Deacon Joan Lena started his work as  fourth ACOT staff member on 1 March 2017. As lecturer in Orthodox liturgical theology he will lecture in, amongst others, the pre-master programme.

On the same day one of his two co-supervisors, prof. Theodora Antonopoulou, gave a guest lecture on the following subject:“Religion and beyond: Homilies as Conveyor of Political Ideology in Middle Byzantium (8th – 12th cent.)”. Prof. Antonopoulou works at the Department of Byzantine philology and folkloristics at the University of Athens. 


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